queue trap di cacti untuk mikrotik

Graphing Mikrotik Queue Simple and Queue Tree with Cacti

It’s not the first time tutorial about graphing mikrotik queue simple with cacti, you can saw many tutorial about it.  I just republish, howto we use this on your cacti server monitoring. before, I was read that tutorial at forum.cacti.net, and they publish some script cacti for graphing mikrotik queue.

A. Graphing Mikrotik Queue Simple/Tree with Cacti

– if using Queue Simple, you have to download this files :


– if using Queue Tree, you have to download this files : cacti-mikrotik-queue-tree.zip

– you will see this files in your extract directory :


B. Installation

  • Import cacti_data_query_mikrotik_simple_queue.xml (login cacti as administrator)
  • Import cacti_data_template_mikrotik_simple_queue.xml
  • Import cacti_graph_template_mikrotik_simple_queue.xml
  • Import cacti_host_template_mikrotik_queue.xml
  • Copy ipacmikro.xml to /path/to cacti/resource/snmp_queries/ on the Cacti server.

C. Graphing on Cacti

– login cacti as administrator
– add device and choose Mikrotik Queue on Host Template

– Create Graphs for this Host  and choose data query for graphing.


D. Example Graphing Result.



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